Professional Preparation Office

Field-based experiences and the opportunity to obtain licensure are two important cornerstones of the BU Wheelock academic experience. Graduate and undergraduate students obtain valuable professional experiences that will set them up for future career success after they complete their programs. For students interested in field-based experiences and obtaining licensure, BU Wheelock’s Professional Preparation Office offers expert guidance and support throughout the process.

Field-Based Experiences

Many BU Wheelock students, both graduate and undergraduate, complete a field-based experience as part of their program of study. Field-based experiences available to BU Wheelock students include academic internships, pre-practicum, and practicum.

The Professional Preparation Office provides coordinated services for field-based experiences. Assessments of programs, sites, and supervisors enable our team to strengthen the delivery of field education; support continuous program improvement; and ensure the best possible experience for students, field partners, and supervisors.

Obtaining Licensure

From finding a field placement to taking the MTEL, the process of obtaining licensure can seem complex. The Professional Preparation Office at BU Wheelock guides and supports students through every step of the process of obtaining licensure, making sure they have completed everything they need to do to be endorsed for their license.

Meet the Team

The Professional Preparation team works with BU Wheelock students to connect them with highly effective professional programs and experiences that support their professional goals.