Guide Star & Values

Guide Star

BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is dedicated to transforming the systems that impact learning and human development for a thriving, sustainable, and just future in Boston and beyond.


Diversity & Belonging: We actively cultivate mutual respect and a sense of belonging among one another and the communities we work with. We build communities that support and embrace marginalized faculty, staff, and students, whose experiences enhance learning, research, and partnerships.

Advocacy & Agency: We advocate for systemic, structural changes through radically honest self-reflection. We empower agency within ourselves, each other, and community partners to address privileges and inequities in education and human development (such as race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, hearing status, socioeconomic status, among other factors).

Integrity: We generate positive change of high value with integrity and trustworthiness, whether in the work we do or in our commitments to the community.

Humility: We demonstrate deep, honest, and reflective engagement with our work and others, honoring different viewpoints, approaches, and realities.

Innovation & Transformation: We prioritize systemic transformation that is bold and sustainable. We are forward-thinking, positive, and courageous. We are agents of change, accepting big challenges, and unafraid to disrupt, yet remaining mindful of the needs of the people and groups with whom we engage.

Curiosity & Inquiry: We approach our work with a curious mind through questioning and inquiry. We model active learning, openness to new ideas, and an understanding that multiple viewpoints and perspectives enrich and inform our shared knowledge

Sustainability: We promote and sustain our communities’ conscious and focused work to enable cultural competence, resilience, and humane human development across personal, economic, ecological, and intersectional dimensions.