Electric Vehicles

Transitioning to cleaner transportation

Electric Vehicle, Photo by michael-fousert

Zero-Emissions Vehicles are a crucial factor in BU's commitment to sustainability. We envision a world in which sustainable transportation options such as electric cars, trucks, bikes, and buses are the conventional choice rather than "alternative" modes that need promoting. In 2021, Recharge Massachusetts recognized Boston University for its leadership in facilitating the rapid deployment of Zero Emissions Vehicles.

Steps BU is Taking

Researching the Opportunities

BU researchers and students are contributing to the shift to an increasingly electrified transportation sector. As our campus operation begins to shift, we expect BU will play an important role in this area.

Transitioning Our Fleet

After a study with a third party to determine fleet vehicles with EV alternatives on the market today, BU is launching an electric fleet vehicle pilot program. As departments request replacement or new vehicles, electric models will be given first priority.

Installing EV Charging Stations

MassDEP’s workplace charging incentive program has played a crucial role in our continued expansion of EV charging facilities. With the increased popularity of EVs, our campus community is taking full advantage of the infrastructure as it expands on our campuses.

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