Connecting to Boston University in Chargepoint


You may notice that many of BU’s EV charging stations do not appear on the Chargepoint app. This is because these stations are only for the BU community and are not open to the public.

To see all of BU’s EV stations on the app, you must set up a “Connection” to the “Boston University” group:

  1. open the Chargepoint App on your device
  2. press icon on top-left (three horizontal lines)
  3. select ACCOUNT
  4. select CONNECTIONS
  6. SDwind is the CONNECTION CODE*
  7. select Members-Boston University
  8. enter your BU ID number
  9. agree to Chargepoint and BU TERMS AND CONDITIONS
  10. submit request

Once these steps are completed, you will be able to see station statuses for all stations on campus. If you encounter any difficulty, please email or call us at 617-353-2160.

*Why “SDwind?” Our EV chargers are powered by South Dakota wind!