Bedford Campus Dir. Yunieska Krug Shows Healthcare Professionals How to Take Better Care of Their Mental Health

first responders

Yunieska Krug, director of the Bedford MSW Off-Campus Program, recently shared approaches medical workers can take to improve their mental health. She presented with her colleague, Emily Higgins, MSN, RN, ONC, from Concord Hospital as part of the 2023 Donation & Transplantation Symposium on April 26th. 

Krug’s talk, “Roasted, Toasted, and Burnt to a Crisp: Health Care Worker Burnout & Effective Coping Strategies,” explained how compassion fatigue and burnout can result in severe mental health impacts and moral injuries. As a licensed clinical social worker, Krug shared her expertise on how to cultivate mindfulness and set boundaries in the workplace for a better quality of life. Higgins discussed the challenges caused by the pandemic’s healthcare workforce shortages, and how collaborating between disciplines can create a healthier workplace. 

The Donation and Transplantation Symposium is hosted by various medical centers around New England. The conference covered several transplantation issues such as emerging infections of concern, antibody-mediated rejection, and developments in lung transplants. 

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