Miscellaneous Archive


Addendum 2, Millie’s Mother’s Red Dress

The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, 1978-1981


Dorothy Birney, A Personal Word of Remembrance

Lauress Birney_Personal letter

Lauress Birney, A Service of Remembrance at Marsh and Robinson Chapels, 1981

Mark Bricklin, Male Doctors, Female Patients: Can This Marriage Be Saved? Journey to Health


Calling All Women_Bulletin_1952

Patricia M.Y. Chang, Paying the Preacher Her Due: Wages and Compensation Among United Methodist Clergy 1995


Equal Suffrage Songs Sheaf, 1958


Marion C. Grant, Statistics and Stories Related to the Status of Women Clergy in The New England Annual Converence, 2000


R. W. Howard Should Women be Priests?


Letter from Re-imagining Women’s Conference

Letter_Email_ Southern Baptist Women Clergy


The Medical Scenario

Menstrual Taboos Pamphlet

Gail E. Murphy-Geiss, Where Has All the Power Gone? 1997

Donna Myhre, A Time of Hope–A Time of Threat 1994

Paul S Minear, World Council of Churches, survey, 1956


Obstacles to the cooperation of men and women, World Council of Churches, 1958


A Questionnaire for Ordained Women and Men, Hartford Seminary


Re-Imagining Women’s Conference Program

Report, Attitudes Toward Women in the Ordained Ministry, UMC Research 1988

Report, Female Clergy Earnings Far Smaller Than Earnings for Male Clergy, 1993

A. Maude Royden, Women and the Church of England


Seneca Falls and Beyond

Social Questions Bulletin May 1994

Songs, various artists

Special Report UMC Systemic Stress Among Church Lay Professionals in Virginia United Methodist Churches

Sandra Stephens, Assortment of Letters.

Stepping Out in Sisterhood: A Calendar Celebrating the Heritage of Women in United Methodism

Bishop Thomas B.Stockton, Commission on the Status and Role of Women Virginia UMC 1993

Study Action – Registration Form

Study Action 1983-1984

Study Action 1992-1993


Theological and Scientific Perspectives on the Role of Men and Women, World Council of Churches, 1958


A Victorian Promenade Program


Women in The Church Symposium 1954

Women in the Life of the Church Bulletin 1954

Women’s History Exhibits, Celebrating Women’s History in Your Church, Telling Women’s Stories Through Oral History, Recommended Books on the History of Women in United Methodism

Women’s Theological Center

World Council of Churches, The Christian Approach to Woman’s Questions

World Council of Churches, Herrenalb consultation

World Council of Churches Publications 1958

World Council of Churches, Summary of Facts About the Ordination ofWomen in the Member Churches of the World Council of Churches, 1958

World Council of Churches, Uplands consultation

The Work of Women for the Church- Bulletin


Barbara Brown Zikmund, Clergywomen Study: Attitudes Towards Ordination