Asian Women’s Resource Center for Culture and Theology

This is an organization of women and women’s organizations in Asia who are engaged in promoting Asian women’s theology.

Boston University School of Theology Library

The Shaw Center’s library includes a wide selection of books, articles, and recordings related to women’s issues. The Shaw Center’s library books are listed in the Boston University Libraries database.

Christian Women Today

Articles, chats, and devotionals pertaining to spiritual growth, family, sex, love, beauty, life, closet issues, prayer, etc.

Christian Mommies Women’s Health Archive

The articles on this website “cover almost every women’s health issue out there. The topics covered range from women’s health and fitness, to women’s mental health and stress management advice.”

The Women’s Studies and Religion Program

The Women’s Studies and Religion Program at Harvard Divinity School was pleased to host a conference focused on the interconnections between religion and second wave feminism. It was a first effort to elicit and document the collective narratives of the religious women who have advanced a movement that continues to transform modern America. Activists for whom religion is the primary arena of feminist transformations came together with those whose religious roots have inspired commitments to women’s liberation in other venues. These participants, in turn, were joined by historians, scholars and theological students who contribute to interpreting their legacy.

General Commission on the Status and Role of Women

The GCSRW has a nearly 40-year history of championing full participation of women at all levels of the ministry, mission and administration of the United Methodist Church. Central to our work has been advocacy for education, excellence, deployment, support, and engagement of clergywomen. We also work with annual conferences and local congregations to develop men and women who are committee to the Christian ideal of equality of women and men in the making of disciples for the transformation of God’s world.

The Flyer

The Flyer, the official newsletter of the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women, will become a free, monthly, emailed publication, beginning Jan. 1, 2010.  Currently, our staff is engaged in anti-sexism work across our denomination, and we’re leading efforts to help pastors lead healthier lives and establish effective boundaries to reduce the risk of professional misconduct of a sexual nature in the church.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) ResourcePacket compiled by Amanda Norris

“It is important for us to realize how painfully common intimate partner violence is.  As leaders in this church we want to be equipped to support anyone involved in an abusive relationship.  IPV is not a simple problem, so there are no simple answers.  Our role is to empower the person being abused to make their own choices with respect to the relationship and to offer loyal support throughout that process.”

UM Sexual Ethics

This website addresses the issues of sexual misconduct, abuse, and harassment by those entrusted with ministerial roles in the UMC. This church’s clergy, lay leaders, employees, and members are committed to being agents of God’s justice, mercy, and grace when one of our own sinfully violates another’s sexual well-being.