Welcome to the Shaw Center

Our Mission: The Anna Howard Shaw Center exists to promote structures and practices that empower women and honor diversity. Read more about our growth: Statement of Confession and Action.

Donations to Shaw Center: When making your donations, remember to specify your donation to the Anna Howard Shaw Center at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your time and contributions! DONATE HERE

Fall 2023 Announcements & Events

  • Join us for our Thursday Lunch Lecture series in STH 320 at 12:30pm. The theme for this semester’s series is Women and Confidence. Check your Collegium newsletter for the link to RSVP!  


Interested in learning more about the Anna Howard Shaw Center? Check out our Newsletter and 2022 Women in the World Conference!

  • Read our Spring 2023 Newsletter, Women in Leadership
  • Read our Fall 2022 Newsletter, Women in Leadership
  • The theme of our 2022 Women in the World Conference was “Toward a Theology of Cross-Racial Solidarity and Advocacy: Histories, Theologies, and Contributions of Female Leadership.” Watch the live-stream here.

    Learn about the Shaw Center from our video celebrating 40 years!