From the Director

Welcome to the Anna Howard Shaw Center website!

The Anna Howard Shaw Center was founded in 1978 and it has been dedicated to providing an opportunity for fellowship ever since. The Shaw Center is located on the third floor of the theology building and is known for its couches, hot beverage options, resources, and for being a wonderful place to relax or study. There is almost always someone in the office to help you with your questions about the Center, or even about the School of Theology. Men and women are more than welcome to take advantage of the space provided.

Although the Anna Howard Shaw Center is a wonderful place for fellowship, it does so much more than many think. Being the woman’s center for the Northeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist church, the Shaw Center is always providing research, education, support, and advocacy. It has become a hub of communication for women to express their ideas and talents through newsletter articles, research projects, presentations, sermons, retreats, and conferences. There are women all around the Boston area working for the Center by generously contributing their time and efforts into keeping the center going. Just like Anna Howard Shaw, the women involved with the Center are dedicated to making a difference and to giving women everywhere an opportunity to reach their dreams and visions.

Please visit us if you have more questions about what the Shaw Center is and how it can be of service to you. We would love to see you at our Women in the World Conference, Worship, Thursday lunches, retreats, speaking events, and more!

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Dr. Choi, Hee An