FAQs for New BU Families

Move-In and Housing Information

When do housing assignments come out?

Housing assignments will be shared in July and possibly into August.

When is move-in?

Fall move-in will be from Wednesday, August 31 to Monday, September 5, 2022. Please visit the housing website here for additional information. Move-in is not intended to span a week. Instead, your student will be asked to select one specific day and time. Your student will be prompted to select a move-in date in via email during the month of July. Please make sure that your student is checking their BU email account regularly throughout the summer.

Do you have a packing list?

Yes, Parent and Family Volunteers have created a great list that details all the things students are recommended to bring to their on-campus housing. The recommended packing list can be found here.

Items that are prohibited from on campus housing can be found here.

Upon arrival, the dorm room has furniture provided in the room. The furniture and appliances provided in dormitories can be found here.

Where do we park for fall move-in?

During fall move-in, free parking will be available in designated garages/lots to make it easier for students to move into their dorm. During move-in, there will be a temporary move-in parking permit (provided later this summer) which should be printed and placed on the dashboard of your vehicle.

What is my student’s mailing address?

Students assigned to traditional-style residences or apartment-style units in the Student Village will receive mail through an assigned mailbox in residence mail rooms. Please note that students’ on-campus mailbox numbers are not the same as their room numbers.

The following address format should be used on all mail sent to students:


Box [Mailbox Number]*

Street Address

Boston, MA 02215

* Do not use the words “Post Office Box” or “P.O. Box,” as that denotes the United States Post Office, not Boston University.

Please also note that students’ on-campus mailbox numbers are not the same as their room numbers.

When can I mail dorm supplies in advance of move-in?

Please be sure to mail dorm supplies to coincide with your student’s arrival on campus.

Can you rent items such as a TV, safe or Microfridge?

Yes, Vending Services allows students to rent a fridge and microwave (Microfridge), safes, and TVs. Additional information can be found on the BU Vending Services website here.

Should my student select a roommate or go with a random assignment?

There are pros and cons to both cases, but it really depends on the student. Selecting a roommate such as someone you already know, can provide students with a good connection as they enter college. It is important to remember that just because someone is a good connection, that does not mean they are a good roommate. Going random gives students, the opportunity to meet someone new. Students should go through a roommate agreement and have good communication so that there can be a mutual understanding to make living together easy and enjoyable!


Boston University Events & Programs

Are there hotel room blocks for move-in? For Family & Friends Weekend?

Yes, there are hotel blocks for move-in, more information about it can be found here.

Hotel room blocks for Family & Friends Weekend will be posted here.

When is Parent & Family Orientation? How do we register? Do we need to attend every session? Are the sessions recorded?

Parent Orientation is a great opportunity for parents to learn more about BU’s community and the services provided to support students.

The dates and times for parent orientation are:

Session 1 – Tuesday, July 19, 1-4 pm (ET)

Session 2 – Thursday, July 21, 8-11 pm (ET)

Session 3 – Tuesday, July 26, 8-11 am (ET)

Session 4 – Thursday, July 28, 5-8 pm (ET)

 To register for the orientation, please click here.

You do not have to attend every session, though you can.

The sessions are recorded and will be posted on here before the end of July.

When is Family Weekend? When are the events? What is the schedule?

Family Weekend is from October 21st-23rd. Additional information can be found here.

Events start on Friday in the mid to late afternoon and end by Sunday morning in most instances.

What is FYSOP?

FYSOP stands for First-Year Student Outreach Project. FYSOP is a week-long program hosted by BU with the mission to immerse first year students into the community through acts of service, engagement, and education. New students are placed into small groups of fellow first year students, led by returning student leaders. FYSOP is a great opportunity for first year students to get to know the city, the BU community, and fellow students before classes start. Additional information about FYSOP can be found here.

When is FYSOP move-in?

FYSOP move-in is on Monday, August 29.

When is Matriculation?

Matriculation will be held on Sunday, September 4.

Matriculation is an event that takes place every new school year, as well as in January, officially welcoming first-year students to Boston University.

Students will hear from the University President, faculty, and student speakers. It is the only time the entire class of new students will be in the same place at the same time until their Commencement.


Student Health Services/Insurance/Finances

Is there a breakdown of tuition expenses?

Yes, the breakdown of expenses can be found on Student Accounting Services.

Are there payment plans?

Payment plans can be found on Student Accounting Services.

Is there student insurance? Do I need to opt out of it? If yes, how do I do so?

BU does provide a student health insurance plan, known as SHIP.  You do have to opt out of the plan via the Student Health Services website. Please refer to the “Waive SHIP” tab for detailed instructions as well as important considerations. 

What immunizations are needed? Where do we upload information?

Please see the Immunization Compliance section of the Student Health Services website for detailed information. 

What pharmacies are nearby?

CVS Pharmacy – 900 Commonwealth Avenue

Fenway Health Pharmacy – 1340 Boylston Street

CVS Pharmacy  – 1249 Boylston Street

CVS Pharmacy (located in Target) – 1341 Boylston Street

What if my student needs a doctor’s referral in Boston?

If your student needs a referral, please visit the Student Health Services’ Referral Service page.

How do we contact Disability & Access Services for accommodations?

To contact Disability & Access Services (DAS) for accommodations, please visit the DAS website and fill out the intake form.

What is StudentLink? What is ShareLink?

StudentLink is a website BU uses where students can access all sorts of information such as registration for their classes, meal plan, and work on campus. 

ShareLink is when students allow a third party (parents, employer, etc.) to view their academic and financial information. This information can be found on the Registrar’s website under ShareLink Access.

How does my student transfer credits to BU?

Information on the process can be found on the admitted students checklist found here.

How will BU communicate with parents?

BU will communicate with parents through a variety of ways such as through the Terrier Times newsletter, the BU Today newsletter, and on social media particularly on Facebook and Instagram. If you use these communication tools, and we hope that you do, please follow us for daily tips relevant to your BU student. You may note that there are several Facebook groups for BU parents. The University oversees the Boston University Parent & Family Programs page and the Boston University Unofficial Parents Group is monitored by Parent & Family Programs’ volunteers.

How do we change our home address? Emails?

To change addresses and emails, please have your student update this information via their StudentLink. 

Where do we find the academic calendar?

The academic calendar can be found here.


Life On-campus and in Boston 

Is there a bookstore on campus?

Yes! There is a Barnes and Nobles at BU, located at 910 Commonwealth Avenue. Students will find their textbooks, school supplies, clothing/school swag, and much more.

What banks are on campus?

Bank of America and Citizens Bank are on campus.

Bank of America ATM in Warren Towers: 700 Commonwealth Avenue

Bank of America ATM in George Sherman Union: 775 Commonwealth Avenue

Bank of America Financial Center: 540 Commonwealth Avenue

Citizens Bank ATM in Warren Towers: 700 Commonwealth Avenue

Citizens Bank ATM in George Sherman Union: 775 Commonwealth Avenue

May my student bring a bike to campus?

Yes! More information can be found on the Parking and Transportation Services’ website under Bike Safety.

BlueBikes can also be found throughout the campus for students to use. More information about BlueBikes can be found here.

Other modes of transportation around campus that are easily accessible are the BU Shuttle Bus and MBTA.

Does my student need a T pass?

This answer will vary depending on the student’s situation. A T pass might not be needed on a day-to-day basis, since most classes are quick to get to, and there is the BU shuttle service available. However, a T pass might be nice to have on hand if a student plans on exploring the city and using MBTA services often. If you decide to purchase a Fall MBTA Student Pass, please note that the deadline to do so is Wednesday, August 10, 2022. 

Is there a shuttle bus on campus?

Yes! More information about BU’s shuttle service can be found here.