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Dean's Blog

Sandy Karp and friends in front of the Louvre during her summer with the College of General Studies London program.

Parent Blog: London Reflections

Sandy Karp just took part in the London portion of the CGS...

Dean Elmore addresses the Class of 2015 at Matriculation

Matriculation: an affirmation

Okay, I get it! Right now, to you, participating in an annual...

FYI Student Blog

The Mayor of the City of Boston, Martin J. Walsh

The Mayor’s Welcome: Welcome to your new home!

The Mayor of Boston asked to share some words with BU about...

Dominique Badji gives advice to incoming international students.

The cold never bothered me anyway: Dominique Badji gives advice

Our former student employee Dominique Badji (CAS '15) shared his experiences of...

The beginning of the 2014 Matriculation Walk

All you need to know about Matriculation 2015

You've picked your side of the room, you've moved in your stuff,

Helping Each Other

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  • Terriers Share Their Most Embarrassing Freshman Moments
    We asked, you answered. Over the past few weeks we reached out to BU students via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, asking them to share their most awkward and embarrassing freshman year mishaps. Some of their stories, from using Google Maps to get to class to getting locked out of a dorm room in just a […]
  • Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: America’s Greece?
    Strapped for revenue, a desperate government declares it cannot pay its debts and needs creditors to negotiate less stringent terms. Meanwhile, it slashes its workforce to rein in costs. This may sound like Greece and its ongoing ordeal, but it also describes an American problem: Puerto Rico, whose governor in June declared that the island could […]