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Dean's Blog

Parents Program Radio returns!

Parents Program Radio is returning on Tuesday, November 17th! After a brief...

A note to students from and with loved ones in France

The following note was sent to Boston University students from France on...

A Halloween pumpkin lit up

Make your plans and stay safe: A Halloween safety message

The following message from Dean Elmore and Chief Tom Robbins was sent...

FYI Student Blog

Invitation to Sybil Morial event on Thursday, Nov. 12 in the Howard Thurman Center.

Meet a Witness To Change at the Howard Thurman Center this Thursday

This Thursday night, Sybil Haydel Morial, former First Lady of New Orleans...

a notary public stamp

Do you need something notarized?

Do you need something notarized? The first time most students need something notarized...

Two light up pumpkins with jack-o-lantern faces

Halloween events all over BU

Boston University knows how to celebrate Halloween right. From haunted houses, to...

Helping Each Other

from theBU Community


  • Not Guilty, Probably
    DNA crime scene evidence has a powerful influence on a jury. But the difficulties inherent in DNA analysis, particularly with multiple suspects and degraded samples, can lead to wrongful conviction. Crime labs need new tools to help interpret mixed and degraded DNA evidence. A team of BU forensic scientists is on the case.
  • Task Force Ponders the Future of CFA
    Marked by a convivial exchange of ideas, goals, and values, discussions at the first two all-day retreats of the BU College of Fine Arts task force are moving toward a new vision for the college. Charged with what Lynne Allen, CFA dean ad interim, refers to as “articulating a wildly compelling vision for the future […]