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Super Bowl Sunday

Dear Friends, It’s likely you’re consumed with the news of the day, schoolwork,

Dean Elmore’s MLK Day Thoughts and University Events

I credit Professor David Eckel and the Institute for Philosophy and Religion...

FYI Student Blog

Students enjoying the Boston Garden in the summertime.

At BU this summer? Go explore Boston!

Before college, summer allowed us students to take a break from all...

A BU student takes a walk through a cool and calm area of Brookline.

Tips for staying cool in Boston’s summer weather

Studying at Boston University during the school year, students quickly discover that...

The Boston University Bridge over the Charles River.

Four years flies by…

Thanks to Arlin Moore (COM '19), the Class of 2017 saw a...

Alumni Advice: Amanda DoAmaral

Amanda DoAmaral (SED '08) is currently a teacher at Skyline High School...

Helping Each Other

from theBU Community


  • Urban Youth of Color Stressed by Violence, Official Indifference
    As researchers, Melissa Maharaj and Chaurice McMillan have lived the subject they study, which is stress in the lives of urban youth of color. McMillan, a Lesley University student from Boston’s Mattapan section who attended high school in affluent Brookline, knows you’re likelier to see a yeti in her neighborhood than an affordable, healthy food […]
  • Journey to Space at the Museum of Science
    Nearly five decades after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stepped on Earth’s moon (238,855 miles from Earth), NASA has now turned its attention to Mars. The Red Planet is considered the next great frontier of space travel and exploration. The race to land an astronaut on Mars’ surface (a journey of some 33.9 million […]

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