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Dean's Blog

Parents Blog: Letting out the Leash

by Robin (Parents Leadership Council Member) and Sam Karp (Questrom '16) Summer can...

FYI Student Blog

Dominique Badji gives advice to incoming international students.

The cold never bothered me anyway: Dominique Badji gives advice

Our former student employee Dominique Badji (CAS '15) shared his experiences of...

The beginning of the 2014 Matriculation Walk

All you need to know about Matriculation 2015

You've picked your side of the room, you've moved in your stuff,

Vigil for Charleston and Other Resources

Following events in Charleston, the Howard Thurman Center will be hosting a...

Student Spotlight: Jennifer Owens CAS/COM’15

Meet Jennifer Owens! Jennifer is now a graduate of CAS with a...

Sabrina with her band

Student Spotlight: Sabrina Shih CAS’18

By Elizabeth Wong CGS'18 Meet Sabrina Shih! Sabrina is a freshman in CAS...

Helping Each Other

from theBU Community


  • After Ebola: NEIDL Infectious Diseases Expert Returns to Africa
    Last August, Nahid Bhadelia traveled to Sierra Leone during the Ebola epidemic’s peak, hermetically clad in the protective spacesuit-like gear of a biosafety level 4 researcher. Funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), Bhadelia went there to share her expertise on infection control and to help care for patients infected with the virus. A year later, the […]
  • Stock Market Plunge More Fear Than Fundamentals
    The Dow Jones industrial average plunged more than 1,000 points Monday morning, recovered some, but closed off more than 3.5 percent in a volatile day that saw Wall Street reflecting market turmoil in China and elsewhere around the globe. Why did it happen? BU economist Laurence Kotlikoff says it was fear rather than sound economics […]