Transfer of Credit

Want to know how your previous college coursework will transfer to BU? Check out our How to Transfer Credit guide for more information about the credit evaluation process.

Please create an account with Transferology to see how your courses taken at other colleges or universities may transfer to Boston University, assuming the minimum required grades are met. If your previous or current coursework is listed as a “match” you do not need to submit syllabi for those courses. However, if your courses are listed as a “maybe” we will require syllabi for the evaluation.

Additionally, please keep in mind that transfer courses, even those granted course equivalency, do not earn HUB General Education units at Boston University. The BU Hub Transfer Student Curriculum has been designed specifically for transfer students, to recognize the work you have already done while still providing you with the educational benefits of the Hub program.

Final determination of transfer credit acceptance is ultimately made by the respective Department and Division Evaluators and through the University Registrar upon admission to Boston University. You must submit official transcripts reflecting your final semester of attendance from all colleges before a final determination can be made on transfer credit.

A guide to transferring credits to BU

You worked hard to complete your college courses. So you’ll want to transfer all the credits you can—and make the process as smooth as possible. This step-by-step guide will help you do both. Just keep three key points in mind:

  • Start EARLY. Gathering materials and having your credits evaluated may take longer than you realize. The final deadline for credits to transfer to BU is one year after you begin your studies here. To make sure you receive all qualifying credits, you’ll need to begin submitting your materials as soon as you can.
  • Send us your course syllabi—all of them! On the following pages, learn what they are, and how and where to submit them.
  • Remember: no two students or courses are the same. We evaluate courses individually from hundreds of different colleges and universities. Check out our course equivalency guide to see if your credits will transfer. That’s why the process takes time—and more time for some students than others. But it means you can count on a careful, thorough evaluation.

Step 1: Apply to BU

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