About Parent and Family Programs

Parent & Family Programs at Boston University is dedicated to engaging and informing parents and family members throughout their students’ BU experiences. The goal of Parent & Family Programs, led by the Director, Christy Loring, is to guide BU parents and guardians so that they can be well-informed, supportive mentors to their students. We also strive to help ease the transition that family members adjust to when their students take the lead, leaving guardians to assume a more advisory role. We believe that well-informed and well-adjusted guardians are better able to guide their student(s) to having the best possible BU experience.

Your first interaction with Parent & Family Programs will likely be during your Parent & Family Orientation experience in the summer or winter. Family members are encouraged to participate in Orientation to learn first-hand about academics, life on campus, belonging at BU, and the myriad of support systems at the University.

Parent & Family Programs also oversees Family & Friends Weekend which traditionally takes place in October in conjunction with the Head of the Charles Regatta. Throughout the year, we also host events for families in conjunction with cultural and sporting events on campus, receptions during the move-in period, and monthly Parent & Family Connects which are Zoom gatherings on specific topics pertinent to the time of year.