Religious Accommodation Policy and Resources

At Pardee School of Global Studies, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are valued and respected. One crucial aspect of this commitment is accommodating our students’ observance of holidays, both legally and ethically.

We adhere to Boston University’s policy which ensures that students are permitted to be absent from class for religious observance purposes. This includes classes involving examinations, labs, excursions, and other special events. In-class, take-home assignments, lab work, and other coursework missed due to religious observance will be made up in consultation with the student’s instructors. We affirm that all religious traditions are subject to this accommodation.

In practice, there are numerous ways we strive to accommodate our students. This may involve facilitating access to class materials, such as lecture slides or recorded lectures, arranging for students to obtain notes from classmates, or scheduling individual meetings during office hours. We understand the importance of flexibility in accommodating students’ needs and are dedicated to ensuring their academic success.

Furthermore, we recognize the significance of religious literacy in creating an inclusive community. To support this goal, Boston University Marsh Chapel maintains a  list of religious holidays.

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