Student Wellbeing

Some students are thriving, some are striving, and others are barely surviving.

Today’s students work incredibly hard, and feel pressure to work even harder. And when they’re not working, there are stressors that demand a different kind of work. But here’s the thing: we know that when students feel better, they perform better. To perform at full potential, students need to be able to occasionally step back, see the big picture, and sometimes try doing things differently.

Student Wellbeing is a campus-wide initiative to support students’ health and wellbeing during their time at BU. We believe that everyone deserves to feel good and that how students feel matters. Our collective goal — as administrators, faculty, and staff — is to inspire our students to feel fulfilled each day, despite the ups and downs of life on campus.

Campus Wellbeing Resources

Boston University offers hundreds of programs, services, events, and learning opportunities to support all dimensions of your wellbeing. The question is, "How do I find all these resources? Where do I look?" This list of campus resources, filtered by type of wellbeing you are looking to support, is the perfect place to start.

Find Wellbeing Resources Now

Resources for Students Experiencing Food Insecurity

The BU Food Pantry is a resource available to provide groceries to students that are experiencing episodic food insecurity. After filling out our online order form, we can provide some basic groceries and also information about various resources in a community which are available to you.

Explore Resources for Students Experiencing Food Insecurity

Start a Wellbeing Program of Your Own

Do you have a great idea for an event or program to create and/or support student wellbeing on campus? Partner with Student Wellbeing for ideas, funding materials, and more.

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Dimensions of Wellbeing

Did you know that your overall wellbeing is made up of many parts? Explore the seven dimensions, plus core needs, of your wellbeing and find campus resources to support you in these areas.

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What's Happening in Wellbeing?

Check out all the latest Wellbeing happenings — from events and programs to articles of interest.

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