Garčević on Kyiv’s EU Moment

Amb. Garčević

On October 3rd, 2023, Amb. Vesko Garčević, Professor of the Practice of International Relations at Boston University’s Pardee School of Global Studies, shared insights on the significance of the EU ministers of foreign affairs meeting in Kyiv on October 2nd. In an interview with TRT World, Professor Garčević analyzed the historical moment as the meeting ventured beyond the EU’s borders for the first time.

During the live broadcast, soon after the ministerial meeting, Garčević underscored the dual purpose of the gathering: to express unwavering support for Ukraine and to reinforce its European Union perspective. Notably, the meeting aimed to showcase the EU’s unity and strength in supporting Kyiv amid challenging times. Garčević delved into the geopolitical complexities, highlighting the meeting’s occurrence just days after the US Congress halted aid to Ukraine and the victory of a pro-Russian, anti-liberal party in Slovakia.

Emphasizing the strains within the West and the potential impact of global events on support for Ukraine, Garčević provided valuable insights into the intricate dynamics shaping the region’s geopolitics. Please refer to the recording of the live interview with TRT World Now for a nuanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by Ukraine in the context of evolving international relations.

Ambassador Vesko Garčević dealt with issues pertinent to European security and NATO for almost 14 years during his diplomatic career. In 2004, he was posted in Vienna to serve as Ambassador to Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He was Montenegro’s Ambassador to NATO from 2010 until 2014 and served as Montenegro’s National Coordinator for NATO from 2015 until he joined the faculty at the Pardee School. Learn more about Ambassador Garčević on his faculty profile.