Pardee School Young Alumni Feature: Hafiz Asad

The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University is proud to feature the various members of our graduate student body and alumni community as they work to advance human progress and become the global leaders of the future. Through one of our six MA programs with eight functional specializations, two dual-degree programs, one regional degree, and four graduate certificates, these individuals have explored a broad-based curriculum that breaks down disciplinary boundaries and enables them to build a holistic understanding of global affairs. 

For this series of graduate and young alumni features, the Pardee School spoke with various members of our community regarding their professional experience, how the Pardee School helped them reach their career goals, and what advice they have for current students. If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for a Pardee School graduate feature, contact Graduate Student Services.

For the premier young alumni feature, we spoke with Hafiz Asad (Pardee MAIA ’19).

Degree and Specialization: MAIA – Religion and International Affairs with Specialization in Islam
Hometown: Sumenep, East Java, Indonesia
Work Experience: CEO and Founder of HOPES|Hotel Pesantren

What is your current job and what led you to this position? What do you like about it?

“…HOPES is an entrepreneur activity engaged in hospitality with the main location in Pesantren or Islamic Boarding School…What I like most about this activity is the fact that I can use my skills, knowledge, and experience both to enhance my personal development and at the same time help the economy of Pesantren community.”

How has Pardee helped in shaping or attaining your professional goals? And/or, what advice would you give current students at Pardee to succeed?

“…The interdisciplinary courses and the opportunity to learn simultaneously from the experts in their respective fields. For me, the two have helped me to spark my creative ideas to grow and to transform the idea into action. Therefore, the advice I could give to current students at Pardee is to immerse yourself in the Pardee and BU community as a whole because great ideas could come from any corner. And Pardee is there to support.”