GIRC Conference: Speakers Line-up


The Graduate International Relations Student Council (GIRC) at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University has announced the presenters and topics for their fourth annual student research conference.

This year’s conference is entitled “Global Development, Peace, and Security: Advancing Human Progress.” It will be held at Boston University on Feb. 27-28.

All papers presented at the conference are the original scholarship of MA and PhD candidates at Boston University and other schools.

The following students have been selected to present their research at the conference.

  • Mariana Echaniz Arciga (Boston University): “Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico as a Hand Up Rather than a Handout: Policy Lessons for Romania”
  • Charlott Johansen (Boston University): “Political and Ecological Assessment of Petroleum Extraction in the Lofoten Area”
  • Alexander Hyung Min Donnelly (Suffolk University): “The International Criminal Court and National Sovereignty”
  • Esther Austin (Boston University): “Traditional Birth Attendants in Zimbabwe”
  • Ahmed Hassan (George Washington University): “Nominating Women for the Representative Councils in the Light of Islamic Law”
  • Andrew VanNostrand (Boston University): “Preparation Meeting Opportunity: The Unique Success of the 1979 Iranian Revolution”
  • Vicky Kelberer (Boston University): “Whose Human Rights? Progress and Regression in Mohammed VI’s Morocco”
  • Jill Richardson (Boston University): “The Branding of the BRICS”
  • Laura Muth (Boston University): “Human Security as National Security in the Era of Climate Change”
  • Yiming Cao and GuangZhi Ye (Boston University): “Make Aid Successful: The Effects of China’s Poverty County Policy”
  • Sarah Hill (Boston University): “Waste Not, Want Not – Reducing Livestock’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the UK”
  • Anne-Gaelle Renaud (Suffolk University): “Electoral Race-Baiting and its Impact on Minorities’ Social Advancement”
  • Christopher Inglin (Boston University): “Drones and Counter-Insurgency: A Counter-Productive Strategy”
  • Sanaa Smaoui (Long Island University): “Arab Spring”
  • Cantay Caliskan (Boston University): “Does Energy Security Influence Renewable Energy Production: A Cross-Country Analysis with a Case Study on Chile”
  • Jackie Gronau (Northeastern University): “Writings to Reality: Alexandra Kollontai and the Development of Russian Feminism in the Soviet Union”
  • Christian Penichet-Paul (Georgetown University): ” U.S. Sex Trafficking Politics and Policy”
  • Rebecca Cowing (Boston University)
  • Nyeleti Honwana (Boston University)
  • Kenneth Rayner (Boston University) 

The public is invited to attend; more details will be published as the conference nears. For more information, follow the GIRC Conference on Facebook.