Each year, Boston University School of Hospitality students participate in a collaborative assignment with students from an international university. The program, called Classroom-to-Classroom, has the objective of guiding students to connect and work fluidly with others on an international, intercultural, and virtual level. The assignment, updated on a yearly basis, is designed to create learning opportunities for students, mentors, and faculty, giving all parties the chance to test and hone distinctive teamwork skills.

The classroom-to-classroom program, made possible by The Robert Entenmann World-Class Fund, began in 2014, in which six freshman in SHA’s primary introductory course collaborated with six students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Together, they examined the hospitality customs of their home countries, then presented their findings to one another in a live videoconference at the semester’s end.

International Universities who have/are participating in the classroom-to-classroom program include:

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand
  • The Institut Paul Bocuse in France
  • The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai

All participating universities mandate extensive real-world work and research that will challenge their students and offer an academic experience that is in line with current events and trends, granting the opportunity to be fully immersed in the world’s fastest-growing field.

Students are required to research, gain insight and present the different perspectives in a compare and contrast format, analyzing the cultural motivations behind different practices.  The work will include basic research, on-site/skype interviews, data collection, weekly communication and progress reports, and a final presentation.

Some of the Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire experience in global communities by working collaboratively with an overseas team
  • Communicate effectively using virtual tools
  • Discover cultural differences that lead to different hospitality practices
  • How to Propose Solutions to Problems
  • Demonstrate presentation skills including research methodology and linguistic skills
  • Produce a written document with their findings
  • Present the findings and experience to their peers

About The Robert Entenmann World-Class Fund

The program is supported by the Robert Entenmann World-Class Fund. The Entenmann donation supports the updated curriculum through state-of-the-art technology and amplifies the courses through in-depth industry research. Sustaining our innovative cross-cultural learning programs requires new resources through generous philanthropy, a principle that the Entenmann family understands very well. To cap his own long and distinguished career in hospitality, Robert Entenmann chose to establish this charitable trust to carry on good work in his name.

At SHA, we take it as our mission to prepare our students for leadership roles wherever their careers may take them. Their support has provided SHA students the opportunity to obtain a rigorous education and gain the skills to take on challenges after graduating at a global level.