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Students earning their Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree with a Digital Marketing concentration prepare to enter and excel in a rapidly evolving facet of the hospitality industry. Trip planning habits have greatly changed over the past two decades, and now, over half of all people use the internet to research and schedule travel itineraries, from flights and hotels to dining choices. Businesses that don’t adjust get left behind—and lose customers in the process. 

Over the course of this one-year program, MMH students acquire not only the critical- and strategic-thinking skills to lead the charge but also the technical and communications know-how to target customer segments, develop campaigns, and bring in new business.

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About the Digital Marketing Concentration

Businesses need to go where the customers are. No longer do most vacation planners call up a travel agent; rather, they peruse online resources—browsing reviews, putting together their schedule, booking flights and rooms, and getting inspiration from social media. 

MMH students pursuing the Digital Marketing concentration approach creative, analytical, and revenue-generating strategies from an industry-relevant angle. Through a mix of required and specialized concentration courses, students learn to express proper messaging about a hospitality product or property to the appropriate audience and, on a more technical level, track, engage, and follow up with target markets. A comprehensive overview of digital marketing best practices ensures students understand current online business trends, whether for social media, search engine algorithms, or hospitality-specific features and functions.

At the MMH level, these skills materialize as a job-ready portfolio of campaign visuals, concepts, and digital solutions developed for real-world clients’ existing needs, with direct input and guidance from industry professionals.

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Do you see yourself directing a hotel’s visibility, customer outreach efforts, and digital presence? An MMH degree with a Digital Marketing concentration can place you closer to your long-term career goals.

To learn more about the program, please contact Micah Sieber, Senior Director of Academic Programs at 617-353-1011 or; or request additional information today

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