Manos Athanassoulis

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences
Director, Data-intensive Systems and Computing (DiSC) Lab

PhD, EPFL, Switzerland, 2014
MSc, UoA, Greece, 2008
BSc, UoA, Greece, 2005
CDS 928

Manos Athanassoulis is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Director of the Data-intensive Systems and Computing Laboratory and co-director of the MiDAS Group. Before joining BU, Athanassoulis did his postdoc at Harvard, obtained his PhD from EPFL, and spent one summer at IBM Research. Athanassoulis’s work is published on top data management venues, and has been recognized by awards like “Best of SIGMOD” and “Best of VLDB”. His research has been funded by NSF, Facebook, RedHat, Cisco, and IBM. Athanassoulis’s research is in the area of data management focusing on building data systems that efficiently exploit modern hardware (computing units, storage, and memories), are deployed in the cloud, and can adapt to the workload both at setup time and, dynamically, at runtime. Athanassoulis is particularly interested in data structure design for data-intensive systems, robust performance in the presence of workload uncertainty, and building the future data systems by co-designing new hardware with their software architecture.

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