Gary Benson

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Biology, College of Arts and Sciences
Program in Bioinformatics

B.S. University of Maryland 1976
M.S. University of Maryland 1989
Ph.D. University of Maryland 1992
24 Cummington St., Room 903

Gary Benson is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Biology Departments at Boston University, a core faculty member of the BU Bioinformatics Graduate Program, and a Faculty Affiliate of the Hariri Institute. He has a background in computational biology and his research focuses on the development of efficient algorithms for the identification and study of DNA repeats and genomic variations using high-throughput sequencing data. He has, for the last twelve year, been the Executive Editor of the Nucleic Acids Research annual Web Server Issue, which showcases web-based computational resources for analysis of biological data. He is Director of the NSF-funded BU Bioinformatics BRITE Summer REU program and leads efforts to increase student diversity in the BU Bioinformatics Program. He also works with collaborators at Rutgers University DIMACS on NSF funded projects to develop high school interdisciplinary curricula in Mathematics, Computation, and Biology.

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