Junior Faculty Fellows Program

The Hariri Institute for Computing Junior Faculty Fellows program aims to recognize outstanding early-career computing and data-driven researchers at Boston University and connect them with one another and with the Institute community at large. It does so by bringing together a cohort of junior faculty members to partake in intellectual exchanges and integrative activities, and to probe the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaborations.

Since 2011, the Institute has awarded 46 Junior Faculty Fellows across 23 departments and 7 colleges. From social sciences, humanities, law, business, and medicine to engineering, computer science and statistics, the Junior Faculty Fellows Program is committed to engaging a community of researchers across schools and colleges at BU.

The deadline to submit a nomination is April 9th, 2020Please keep your nominations confidential.

Junior Faculty Fellows are appointed for a three-year term based on nominations submitted by any BU faculty member and evaluation by the Hariri Institute Steering Committee. Engaging Junior Faculty Fellows with the Hariri community in a variety of ways, the program provides each Fellow the opportunity to introduce research to a broad community in the Institute’s “Meet Our Fellows” event series. In addition to a $10,000 award, Junior Faculty Fellows are presented with a special award plaque.
Candidates are Assistant Professors, on a tenure track where available, who pursue computing, computational, or data-driven research and have held a full-time appointment in any one of BU’s departments for less than three years.
Each spring semester, a handful of junior faculty members are selected for this honor, based on nominations submitted by members of the BU community and evaluation by the Institute’s Steering Committee. Nominations can be submitted by any BU faculty member other than the candidate. The nomination period for Junior Faculty Fellows takes place in early spring. Please keep your nominations confidential.
The deadline to submit a nomination is April 9th, 2020. Please keep your nominations confidential.
  • Faculty Member Submitting the Nomination

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    The nomination letter, submitted as a single PDF file, should highlight how the candidate might contribute to, and benefit from participation in the HIC Junior Faculty Fellows Program (e.g., how the candidate personifies the main HIC tenet of the transformative potential of computational perspectives in research, how the candidate's scholarship might contribute to discovery and innovations through the use of computational and data-driven approaches, and/or how the candidate's scholarship might yield advances in the science of computing inspired by challenges in other disciplines).
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Additional materials (if any) deemed necessary for the evaluation of the nominee, submitted as a single PDF file (e.g., letters of support, citations, etc.).
  • Junior Fellow Candidate Information

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Full curriculum vitae of candidate summarizing academic preparation and appointments, honors and awards, and no more than 10 of their most relevant publications.
  • Full URL (no special characters)
  • Thank you for keeping your nomination confidential.

Junior Faculty Fellows Program FAQs

For administrative questions, please contact Katherine D’Angelo, Program & Events Manager, at ktd@bu.edu