Category: Seed Projects

Accelerating Multi-Party Computation with FPGAs

PI: Martin Herbordt, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ENG Co-PI: Mayank Varia, Research Associate Professor of Computer Science, CAS Track: HIC & Red Hat Collaboratory Datasets can tell a great story and provide critical insights in almost every aspect of society. Unfortunately, guaranteeing privacy can slow this process, and critical insights otherwise unavailable can be gained by […]

Predicting Individualized Rehabilitation Outcomes based on Brain and Behavioral Biomarkers

PI: Swathi Kiran, Associate Dean, SAR Co-PI: Margrit Betke, Professor of Computer Sciences, CAS Track: Digital Health Initiative & Artificial Intelligence Research Over 2 million people are currently living with aphasia due to a stroke, and the patients do not know whether they will ever recover to improve their communication/cognitive skills. Aphasia therapy is prescribed largely on clinical […]

“Can I get that in Writing?” Lessons from a Contracting Field Experiment in Urban Malawi

PI: Mahesh Karra, Assistant Professor of Global Development Policy, CAS Track: HIC In some low- and middle- income countries, transactions between the buyers and the sellers are often conducted informally and are based on credibility. Formalizing contracts can be important and beneficial. The team wants to measure the potential advantages of formalizing contracts. By conducting a field […]

Adversarial Learning of MRI data for improved Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease

PI: Vijaya B. Kolachalama, Assistant Professor of Medicine, MED Co-PI: Rhoda Au, Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology, MED Track: Digital Health Initiative & Artificial Intelligence Research Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a disease that will require a high cost of care, and the total amount keeps rising. Identifying risk factors that are amenable to intervention at the preclinical […]

Novel Greenness Metrics Using Remote Sensing and Street Imagery for Climate Change Mitigation and Environmental Health Research

PI: M. Patricia Fabian, Research Assistant Professor of Environment Health, SPH Co-PI: Lucy Hutyra, Associate Professor of Earth and Environment, CAS Track: HIC & Urban Climate Initiative Urban green space can impact communities by mitigating the effects of heatwaves, reducing the rates of urban runoff, and moderating heat islands. Exposure to green space will also lead to various […]

Multi-faceted Data Analysis of Blazars, Highly Time-Variable Cosmic Objects

PI: Alan Marscher, Professor OF Astronomy, CAS Co-PIs: Svetlana Jorstad, Senior Research Scientist of Institute for Astrophysical Research; Manasvita Joshi, Research Assistant of Institute for Astrophysical Research Track: HIC The team proposed to develop procedures to cross-compare astronomical time series data, obtained at different wavelengths, of highly variable cosmic objects called “blazars”. The analysis will require new techniques […]

Hiding the State: Outsourcing Security to Avoid Transparency and Accountability

PI: Kaija Schilde, Assistant Professor of International Relations, CAS Track: HIC Researchers, journalists, and citizens have used the Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests since 1965 as a proxy for transparency and democratic oversight. The researcher hypothesized that increases in transparency requests in a given area will produce increased government outsourcing in that area to shield themselves from […]

Using Reinforcement Learning to Rationally Reprogram Multicellular Decision Making

PI: Allyson Sgro, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, ENG Co-PI: Pankaj Mehta, Associate Professor of Physics, CAS Track: HIC & Artificial Intelligence Research While standard modeling techniques can describe and predict biological behaviors, they fall short of offering strategies for manipulation and reprogramming. The team hypothesizes that single cells have algorithms for interpreting their environment and that […]