Media Analysis and Understanding

Guorong Li, Associate Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wednesday, November 8, 1:00-2:00pm; Hariri Institute for Computing (111 Cummington Mall, Boston)

Abstract: With the increasing prevalence of digital camera, images and videos have become the necessary part of people’s life. It is important to analyze videos, images and understand them automatically. In this talk, I will discuss the recent research work of my group in media analysis including learning label specific features for multi-label classification, learning common space for cross-modal retrieval and car tracking in UAV video

Bio: Guorong Li is an associate professor of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interests include object tracking, video analysis, and pattern recognition and cross-media analysis. She received her Ph.D. degree in technology of computer application from the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012.

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