Machines and Health

BU engineers are combining their expertise to develop robotic and AI technologies to help solve health problems of all kinds. More


Translational Biomedical Advances Highlighted at Inaugural BTEC Symposium

Promising advances in biological engineering were the topics of discussion at the Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center’s (BTEC) inaugural symposium this month. The event featured former BME faculty member and current dean of the Brown University School of Engineering Tejal Desai, as well as several BME faculty members and an industry executive. More

A New Way of Learning

Undergrads from across the country come to the BU Photonics Center for an NSF summer research experience program. This fall, these five returned to BU full-time. More

Lung Research Redefined

The “crystal ribcage” allows researchers a first-ever cellular-level look at the lung while it's operating normally. More