Giving back. It’s a no-brainer. Improving public spaces, assisting new immigrants in learning the ropes, keeping the hungry fed, raising awareness of the artistic and cultural wealth in Boston, we’re always ready to roll up our shirtsleeves. The more we give to each other, the richer we all become.

  • BU’s Community Service Center has a volunteer base of over 4,500 people who contribute an estimated 130,000 hours of service annually, largely to the greater Boston area.
  • One of our longest running programs, Afterschool offers tutoring, one-on-one homework assistance, and creative activities to students in grades pre-K–12.
  • Branch Out improves Boston’s public spaces with projects like beach cleanups, tree planting, invasive species removal, and more.
  • The Empowerment League works with immigrants, refugees, international students, inmates, and women to assist them in their understanding of the English language, enhance their experience in Boston, and work toward a greater understanding of human rights and individual empowerment.