Financial Contributions

Being part of the neighborhood means contributing to it. Through direct employment, purchased services, and student, faculty, and staff spending, the BU community pumps millions of dollars into the local economy. The University makes substantial financial contributions every year to the City of Boston in the form of real estate taxes, payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT), and linkage payments—well over $100 million since FY2003. Plus, we run social programs that serve Bostonians and invest heavily in the city’s youth through scholarship programs.

In addition to direct and indirect economic benefits to the city’s economy, Boston University actively seeks ways to reduce the demand on city services. Through its own police department, the University brings added security to the entire campus area. It also maintains the sidewalks, MBTA tracks, and streets around the campus; provides snow removal during winter months; plants and maintains street trees; and conducts pest control. Our philosophy: don’t impose on Boston’s services when we can share the responsibility.