Master Plans

Our Development: An Open Book

Our open-campus mentality extends to our physical plant as well, and how it impacts the surrounding urban landscape. In 1987, Boston University was the first institution in the City of Boston to create an Institutional Master Plan, which detailed our vision for the development of our two campuses. We have worked closely with the Boston Redevelopment Authority and created a joint task force that, among other things, keeps the master plan up-to-date and transparent, and the lines of communication open.

Boston University Medical Campus Institutional Master Plan 2021-2031

BU Fenway Campus Institutional Master Plan 2021-2031

BU Fenway Campus IMPNF (4-8-21)

BU Medical Campus Institutional Master Plan Project Notification Form Resubmission (11-19-20)

6th Amendment – BU IMP- 540 Commonwealth Ave (10-5-2020)

1047 Commonwealth Ave. – Temporary Authorization for use COVID-19

540 Commonwealth Ave. – COVID-19 Temporary Authorization for Use

6th Amendment – BU IMP – 540 Commonwealth Ave (3-10-2020)

Boston University Medical Campus IMPNF March 2 2020


2013 BUMC IMP Amendment Notification Form/Project Notification Form:

2013 BUMC IMP Amendment/DPIR Form: