Health & Fitness

A healthy body and healthy mind are intertwined. Multiply that by hundreds of thousands and you have a vibrant and vital community with unlimited potential. Supporting Special Olympians, providing health care for people experiencing homelessness, and offering access to free or low-cost physical activities are just a few of the efforts we’re engaged in.

  • Through Smart Smiles, BU’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine provides dental health education and important oral screenings for thousands of second graders in 29 Boston public elementary schools.
  • The Immigrant & Refugee Health Program cares for the medical, psychological, legal, and social needs of over 500 clients in the community from over 50 countries. 617-414-5951
  • At our Patient Treatment Center, dental students and supervising faculty provide affordable, high-quality dental treatment to local residents. 617-638-4700
  • Since 2012, 100 local youths are awarded BU athletic camp scholarships each year. 617-353-9095
  • Through the Ryan White CARE Act, BU’s dental school gives treatment and other services to patients with HIV and AIDS.