Student Food Rescue


Student Food Rescue, or SFR, is one of the largest student-run food salvage programs in the country.  Volunteers pick up donated food from local farmers markets, bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores and drop it off at over 20 recipient sites around the Greater Boston Area. SFR also organizes other one-time opportunities and events throughout the year, including Hunger Awareness Week in the fall. Whether you are a returning SFR volunteer or a new volunteer who’s just interested in trying out a food run, you are guaranteed to have a fun time meeting new BU volunteers, exploring Boston, and giving back when you sign up for one of our 18 food runs this year!


    Student Food Rescue was founded by a group of BU student volunteers in the spring of 1988, and has since become an integral part of the CSC. Volunteers collect over 10,000 pounds of food a week from Boston restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, grocery surplus facilities and coffee shops.  In the 2016-2017 academic year, we have donated 700,000 pounds of food, and we need your help to keep the program running!

    How to Get Involved

    Do a food run!
    Does taking a couple hours each week to de-stress from class, bond with new friends, and see Boston in a whole new light sound good to you? Sign up now!

    Current Volunteers

    Make sure to check out our volunteer handbookDon’t forget to fill out the pre-departure and post-arrival van usage logs and food logs on every run!

    Sign up for food runs during Spring 2019!


    Program Managers

    For more information, contact Program Managers Kelsea Monette and Natalia Szeremeta at