Welcome to Wizards Fall 2014 Volunteers! 

What is Wizards? Wizards was created in 1994 as a program to get students more excited and involved in science. Wizards volunteers perform a range of experiments to enhance students’ STEM education and get them engaged in Science! Volunteers perform these science experiments with greater Boston area students from various ages- kindergarten to 8th grade- on a weekly basis.  Through these experiments we strive to help students connect the principles of science to their real, everyday world.
Volunteers are split into groups led by a peer leader. The peer leader is responsible for communicating with their group members and making sure all goes well at site. The experiment coordinators ensure that supplies are ready for each site and plan our experiments.
The program manager provides a lesson plan, but volunteers are encouraged to add their own knowledge and experience to their plans. The overall goal is that everyone has an enjoyable and rewarding experience, while also enticing students to continue studies and possibly careers in the STEM fields. We strive to bring a little 
Magic to local students!

Time commitment is 2-3 hours one day per week for an entire semester.  Wizards also has one time events and monthly meetings that all are welcome to attend. The deadline has passed for fall applications, but we will be accepting volunteers on a rolling basis. If you’re interested in applying, fill out the application below and also print and fill out these forms single sided and return them to the CSC.

For more information please contact Aubrey Fiacco at wizards@bu.edu