The Rev. Dr. Jessica Chicka,  The Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman  , and Jonathan Lee work with a team of graduate and undergraduate interns to provide programmatic ministry, pastoral care, and community formation to the Boston University community. Most of their work falls under the Programming section of this website.

Ministry Associates are completing the requirements for contextual education in the Boston University School of Theology. Ministry Assistants support ministry department programmatically and administratively. Marsh Fellows are undergraduates at Boston University exploring life’s big questions around meaning, purpose, authentic success, and happiness.

The Rev. Dr. Jessica Chicka University Chaplain for International Students 617-358-3399

The Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman University Chaplain for Episcopal Ministry 617-353-1121

Jonathan Lee Associate Chaplain for Student Outreach 617-358-3393

Bill Cordts Sunday Bible Study Leader
Sifu Mynor Diaz Tai Chi Instructor
Logan Abraham Ministry Associate
Al Carroll Ministry Assistant
Laurel Oberstadt-Petrik Food Ministry Associate
Meghna Chhabra Communications Intern
Anne Joseph Communications Intern
Aaryan Ahuja Marsh Fellow
Jess Fatzinger Marsh Fellow
Julia Kapusta Marsh Fellow
Hahnbie Kim Marsh Fellow
Sohail Mohammed Marsh Fellow