Religious Holidays

Please Scroll down for information regarding Ramadan 2024.

Boston University is proud to be home to a diverse variety of religions, cultures, and traditions. On our campus, students, faculty, and staff are free to practice and observe whatever spiritual, cultural, and religious traditions and holidays they find meaningful. However, weekly religious and spiritual observances as well as traditional holy days and holidays will not always fit neatly within the official academic schedule of Boston University. Therefore, in order to accommodate the vast breadth of religious and spiritual expressions, the University Chaplains and the Dean of Marsh Chapel have compiled a document which overviews the University’s policy on Religious Observances.

The intent of the University Policy on Religious Observance is that the student need not face a conflict or choice between academic performance and religious observance. These notes were assembled by the University Chaplains, meeting with the Dean of the Chapel. Dean Hill is happy to speak directly with faculty, staff, students and others, as the need arises.

We recommend opening this image in a new tab in order to accurately view the calendar.

**Please note: This calendar is not meant to be used as a comprehensive list of holidays for which students, faculty, or staff may request religious accommodations. We understand that there are many important holidays which may be celebrated by regional or cultural portions of the world’s vast religions. We also recognize that it is impossible to represent all religious and spiritual expressions and holidays in a single document, so this calendar is offered only as a jumping off point. Should you have questions or find yourself in need of assistance obtaining religious accommodations for any religious observance, please reach out to our chapel director, Heidi Freimanis-Cordts, or one of our chaplains.

Ramadan 2024

The Details: Locations, Guidelines, and Cost for students without meal plans

This year, BU Dining will be providing Iftar and Suhoor meals for Ramadan from Monday, March 18th through Tuesday, April 9th (Monday through Friday). Iftar Meals will not be held during Spring Break. Throughout Spring Break, prayer space will be available everyday in the Lower Level of Marsh Chapel.

Starting Monday March 18th Maghrib, Isha, and Taraweeh Prayers will take place in the Lower Level of the GSU in Room B02 (the former Howard Thurman Center). Prayers times for each day can be found HERE.

Starting Monday March 18th Iftar meals will take place in the GSU Back Court Monday through Friday. Students with a meal plan will use a dinner swipe for Iftar meals. This year, to foster the community aspect of Iftar, Marsh Chapel & Religious Life and the BU Student Government are subsidizing the cost of Iftar meals. Each meal will cost $0/person for those without a meal plan for Ramadan 2024.  All attendees must bring their physical Terrier Card to swipe into each Iftar meal. 

Takeaway Suhoor meals will be available through the University’s Rhetty to Go program for pick-up at Iftar meals in the GSU Back Court Monday through Friday. All meals must be ordered daily though Rhetty To Go by 6PM the day prior to pickup.

Students with a meal plan must bring their physical Terrier Card and will use a lunch swipe for Suhoor meals. Suhoor meals will cost $16.70 for those without a meal plan. 

Still have questions? Contact Marsh Chapel & Religious Life.