Religious Holidays

Boston University is proud to be home to a diverse variety of religions, cultures, and traditions. On our campus, students, faculty, and staff are free to practice and observe whatever spiritual, cultural, and religious traditions and holidays they find meaningful. However, weekly religious and spiritual observances as well as traditional holy days and holidays will not always fit neatly within the official academic schedule of Boston University. Therefore, in order to accommodate the vast breadth of religious and spiritual expressions, the University Chaplains and the Dean of Marsh Chapel have compiled a document which overviews the University’s policy on Religious Observances.

The intent of the University Policy on Religious Observance is that the student need not face a conflict or choice between academic performance and religious observance. These notes were assembled by the University Chaplains, meeting with the Dean of the Chapel. Dean Hill is happy to speak directly with faculty, staff, students and others, as the need arises.

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