Making a contribution to support the extensive programs in ministry and music at Marsh Chapel is easy and convenient.  Click on the link below to schedule your pledge or gift online.

Click here to donate to Marsh Chapel online by credit card.

After providing details of your contribution, you will be prompted to select a designation for your gift.

  • MARSH CHAPEL FUND – This unrestricted fund supports the Chapel’s daily ministries.
  • MINISTRY DEPARTMENT FUND  – This unrestricted fund supports our chaplains and programming costs.
  • MINISTRY AND MUSIC FUND (endowed) – Established in 2010, the Ministry and Music Endowment funds professional growth and development for our dynamic team of musicians, ministry associates, and clergy. This endowment connects Marsh Chapel’s staff with regional, national and international opportunities within their discipline.
  • FRIENDS OF MUSIC AT MARSH CHAPEL FUND – Gifts to our ‘Friends of Music at Marsh Chapel Fund’ contribute to the on-going activity of the Marsh Chapel Choir, Inner Strength Gospel Choir, the Marsh Chapel Collegium, the Thurman Choir, and the Bach Experience.
  • THE ENDOWMENT OF THE DEANSHIP One of the most important collegiate pulpits in the United States, Marsh Chapel is where Rev. King became Dr. King. The voice of then Dean Howard Thurman still echoes in the current deanship and prophetic voice of the Rev. Dr. Robert Allan Hill. ENDOWMENT OF THE DEANSHIP will ensure the future of this vital and powerful legacy.

To give by check: Please make checks payable to “Marsh Chapel,” and be sure to indicate one of the funds listed above in the memo line. If no fund is listed on your check, gifts will contribute to the Chapel’s unrestricted operating fund, The Marsh Chapel Fund. Our mailing address is:

Boston University Marsh Chapel

Attn: Heidi Freimanis-Cordts, Director

735 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston, MA 02215

Each contribution is vital to the ongoing support of our vibrant array of offerings in ministry both here at 735 Commonwealth Avenue, but also to our ever-growing global voice. We appreciate your prayerful and material support, and encourage you to give generously.


Planned Giving

Planned gifts have an enormous and lasting impact on Marsh Chapel and are critically important to ensuring that Marsh Chapel continues to fulfill its core mission, to be a heart for the heart of the city and a service in the service of the city.

Planned gifts also form part of an overall financial plan that can provide you with significant benefits. For example, planned gifts can help you maintain control of your assets during your lifetime, take advantage of a number of tax benefits, leave a legacy at Marsh Chapel, and possibly even provide income to yourself or others during your or their lifetime.  Access a free personal estate planning guide and other tools to help you explore how a planned gift can work for you.

Gift Options

There are many different forms your gift can take depending on your goal, including:

 For more information please contact Patricia Castaldo, Executive Director of Planned Giving, Boston University Development and Alumni Relations at or by Phone at 617-353-9156.



The ministry of Marsh Chapel would not be possible without the generous support of our benefactors:

David Ames

William Anthony

Natalie Austrian

Darlene Ayres

Douglas and Heather Ayres

Jonathan and Melissa Backhaus

Constance Baksys & Dr. Vilia Baksys Mori

Dr. Roland Bardawil

Beverly Jean Barletta

David Barry

Ramona Baxter

Robert Beaumont

L. Suzanne Bedell

Daryl Bennett

Robert Bennett and Marceline Donaldson

Emily Benzenhofer

James and McKey Berkman

Mark Biddle and Karen Golden-Biddle

Rev. Paige M. Blair

Elizabeth Bolyn and Daniel Thompson

Jeremy Weir and Barbara Brann-Weir

President Robert and Dr. Beverly Brown

Alphonso Brown and Angela Fowler-Brown

Amanda Clark

Terry Clark

Sandra Cole and Reginald Payne

Rose F. Connelly

Mary Ann and Leonard Conte

Reid and Martha Cooper

Tim Costanza

George Coulter

Shirley Courton

Jeffrey Cox

David Crabil

Michelle Courton Brown

Emily and Michael Culler

Damon Rahbar Daniel

Meredith Fife Day

Alice De Koning and Yrjo Koskinen

Rebecca Dinsmore

David F. D’Alessandro

Barbara P. Doyle

Patricia Duckworth

Christopher Edwards

R. Curtis Ellison

Peter Elmuts

Susan Evans

Frank Falvey

Dr. Robert and Fran Fehlman

Brian Felty

R. Andrew Fiser

Walter and Sharon Fluker

Carole P. Flynn

Karl and Mary Ellen Forty

Kenneth and Janice Freeman

Jennifer Franco

Patrick Fulford

Lawrence and Robyn Gage

Victoria Hart Gaskell and Richard Gaskell

Susan Giovino

P. Barbara Goldberg

E. A. Gompels

Christine P. Goodrum

Michelle Graveline and Kent Stout

Mark Gray

Melvena Green

Juliet Gresham Moran

Elizabeth Fomby Hall

David Hamilton

David Hart

Dr. Ray Hart

Nancy Hartman

George Hasler

Nelida Salas Hasler

R. Stewart Hedley

Timothy J. Hegan

Ruth E. Herman

Soren Hessler and Jennifer Quigley

Sabine Hildebrandt

Benjamin A. Hill

Rev. Dr. Robert Allan and Jan Hill

Elizabeth Howald (Taylor)

Joanne Izbicki

Scott Allen Jarrett

Geary and Susan Jarrett

Elizabeth Jochum

Kim Johanson and Deb Waughtal

John Johannsen

Jack and Colleen Johnson

Lloyd Johnson

Matthew and Carol Johnson

Ann Howard and Larry Jones

James Jones

Kristopher Kahle

Walter Kamens

Charles and Susana Kao

Gaylen and Glenice Kelley

Benjamin Kimball

David and Laurel King

Todd and Ann Klipp

Chris K. Koech

Robert and Jan Larmouth

Gretchen Latowsky

R. Mark Laursen

Bonil Ku and Jiyoon Lee

H.C. Lee

Hyung Kyu Lee

John Lees

Yitian Liu

William Longman

Ed and Susan Lynch

Kimi Larmouth Macdonald

Roderic and Linda MacKay

Daniel Mahoney

Carolyn Manigat

Gabriel Mantetas

Robert Marini

Thomas E. McAllister

Barbara McCauley

Ed and Diana McClure

Leslie CJ McDonald

Susan McGrath

Linda Menkis

Douglas and Dale Miller

Mary Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth Morgan

Christopher and Melinda Muller

Richard Nesmith

Bob and Beth Neville

Donna and Lonnie Norris

Lauren and Peter Olson

Robin Olson

Benfred Owusu-Amo

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payne

John Pedican

Holly and Robert Pennock

Gary Phillips and Patricia Parrish

Jennifer Phillips

Kenneth and Andrea Portnoy

Ute Possekel

Caroline Potter

Arleigh Prelow

Peter Ralston

Vassilios and Deborah Raptopoulos

Kenneth Redford

Jay Reeg

Douglas B. Reeves

Lois Reeves

Sarah J. Richards

C. Faith Richardson

Cecelia and Jerry Robinson

Roland Robinson

Donald and Margaret Romanik

Donna M. Rowlette

Mary Louise Russell

Sharon Good Ryan

Anita Sachdev

Juliana Schultz

Douglas Sears

Barbara Sexton

Elizabeth Shaw

Phyllis Sheppard

Cheryl Sommese

Catherine Spurr

Sara E. Spurr

Nellie E. Staley

Gail-Lenora Staton and Corrine Staton

Barbara Thompson

Daniel M. Thompson

Kate Tomlinson

George Trimble

Stephen and Sandra Vanvoorhies

Travis and Jean Veigas

Mary Ann Violette

Daniel Joseph Walker

Phyllis M. Wallace

Brian and Elizabeth Ward

Robert and Patricia Watson

Mary and Suzanne Watts

Dr. Russell E. Watts

Richard Weitzen

Bert and Janet White

Kenneth and Carol Whitney

Margaret Wiborg

Theodore Williams

Sherman Wissinger

Donald Wright

Arthur Wong and Haejin In

David and Evelyn Yoder

Sophia Zouras

In assembling this list we have made every effort to identify those who have offered support through financial giving. If you do not see your contribution recognized here, please accept our sincerest apologies, and contact our Staff Coordinator (617.353.3560) so that the error can be corrected in future publications.