Thurman Choir

The Thurman Choir: Marsh Chapel’s Common Voice

The Thurman Choir is on hiatus for the Fall 2022 semester.

In the spirit of Dean Howard Thurman’s visionary ministry of a ‘common ground’, The Thurman Choir is open to any and all members of the Marsh Chapel family who wish to lift their voice in song, as a community of common faith. No audition or previous experience is required, and a multi-generational experience is encouraged.

The Thurman Choir leads in worship several times each semester, joining with the Marsh Chapel Choir on festival occasions. In addition to an engaging repertoire, members of the Thurman Choir will learn fundamental vocal and musical skills, including hymn singing, music reading, and a healthy approach to singing.

For more information, email us. Together with the Inner Strength Gospel Choir and the Marsh Chapel Choir, the Thurman Choir creates an opportunity for all members of our growing community to participate in the vibrant musical and spiritual life of Marsh Chapel.