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Lent Devotional 2021

Spiritual Provisions: Sustenance for the Soul

Throughout Christian history, Lent has been a time dedicated to the teaching and encouraging of new believers. During the season of Catechism, spiritual students learned the basic tenants of the Christian faith through the study of prayer, scripture, creeds, and the sacraments leading to their baptism. The catechism season of Lent represented an embracing of the spiritual necessities in order to prepare for the new life of Easter. This year for our Lenten Devotional, we continue this tradition of embracing our faith with the theme of Spiritual Provisions. In a year that has felt like a Spiritual Wilderness for many of us, it is good and holy to open our hearts to the Spiritual Provisions that God has provided for us through the traditional prayers, creeds, and sacraments of our faith. Weekly we will explore a different aspect of Christianity and provide ecumenical reflections from our staff and community. We will also be joined once again by the Marsh Chapel Choir, who will provide Lenten anthems and musical offerings for further reflection and spiritual nourishment.

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Dr. Jessica Chicka, University Chaplain for International Students

Chloe McLaughlin, Ministry Associate for Global Ministry

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