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Lent Devotions 2019: “God Is With Us”

The staff members and friends of Marsh Chapel once again will provide a devotional series for the season of Lent in 2019. This year’s Lent Devotional theme is “God Is With Us.” In this series, we engage the ways in which we experience God in our interpersonal relationships. Our experiences of the divine in others can happen in many different areas of our lives; in our church life, through our families and friends, at work, when we are at rest or play, in the comings and goings of our lives, and through our individual and communal identities. All of these relationships offer us the opportunity to engage the Divine in varied ways.

As we journey through the season of Lent together, this devotion reminds us to find and acknowledge the Divine in each person and in each relationship we share. Each day, starting Wednesday, March 6, we will email a devotion consisting of a scripture passage, a reflection written by Marsh Chapel staff and friends, and guidance to learn or do more based on a particular subject until Easter Sunday.

We hope you will join us as we explore what “God Is With Us” means in our daily lives in this season of reflection. To sign up to receive daily devotionals in your email, please click the “Sign Up” button below.



Dr. Jessica Chicka, University Chaplain for International Students

Jaira Koh, Ministry Assistant for Global Ministry

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