Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to Marsh Chapel!

Somehow by grace you have found your way into this website and so onto our front porch. Please sit down for a minute, rest, and take a look around.

Marsh Chapel is yours. Come and pray. Drink a coffee. Laugh with our ministry team. Ask questions. Express doubts. Admit to a sense of wonder. Get to know our ministry team: University Chaplains, Marsh Associates, Ministry Assistants, and Marsh Fellows.

Marsh Chapel is a space, both safe and sacred, for happiness and health, for relationship and refreshment.

Marsh Chapel lives out an envisioned mission. We hope to become a ‘heart for the heart of the city and a service in the service of the city.’

Marsh Chapel today highlights three projects, of voice and vocation and volume. In this decade we hope to share our livestream broadcast service of music, homily and liturgy, our voice, with the whole nation. In this decade we hope to foster an ecumenical ethos, and to encourage and generate real vocation (‘where your fierce passion meets the world’s deep need’ as Buechner put it), including several vocations to ministry each year. In this decade we hope to enhance the worship and space for worship of our community, to ‘turn up the volume’ on the scale of wonder.

Marsh Chapel is a place for all. We cherish common faith, common ground, and, especially, a common hope. 7 University Chaplains, 24 religious life groups, 2600 building users a week,  750 Chapel congregants, 24 Advisory Board members, 40 chapel staff, 250 regular contributors and a variety of University groups find their home here. You come too!

Marsh Chapel is a symbol. Learning, virtue and piety meet on our plaza, in our sanctuary, and in our friendships.

Marsh Chapel sings. One New Englander put it this way: ‘Yield who will to their separation, our object in living is to unite our vocation with our avocation, as our two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one, and the work is play for mortal stakes, is the deed ever really done, for heaven and the future’s sakes.’

I would enjoy the chance to get to know you.

Bob Hill

Dean, Marsh Chapel

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