Pastoral Care

The University Chaplains and Campus Ministers at Boston University are available for pastoral conversation, as needed and requested by faculty, staff, administrators and students.  The chance for pastoral care, spiritual guidance, personal help, religious inquiry, and other sorts of discussion is something all of our religious leaders are committed to.  Sometimes there are interests in ‘spiritual tinkering’ or probing the wealth of wisdom in the practice of religion.  Sometimes students and others experience loneliness and some of its cousins (anxiety, depression, boredom, ennui).  Sometimes it helps to have a chance to talk through significant decisions, as they are processed and made.  And then, too, the life experiences of loss and grief on one hand, and joy and success on the other, can benefit from pastoral, personal reflection and rumination. Likewise, and centrally, where there is need for fuller or deeper care, a pastoral contact can be a key point for referral to one or several of the myriad options available at BU for further support.  We invite your interest and welcome your call!

It is easy to set an appointment by reaching out to any of our University Chaplains or Campus Ministers by phone or email.