Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employees at Internal Audit & Advisory Services (IA&AS) are exposed to every aspect of the Boston University organization including academics, research, donor stewardship, athletics, and more. Our employees have the opportunity to build professional relationships within various departments, develop an understanding of major processes and systems and understand the financial impact of the organization. This business knowledge combined with the technical expertise gained working within BU and the specialized training offered within IA&AS (@BU) affords the opportunity for upward mobility in a number of areas within the University or the Higher Education industry as a whole. As such, IA&AS has a proven track record for career advancement.

Senior Associates and Project Managers are hired into IA&AS with an expectation of serving and then pursuing other advancement opportunities within BU. Many former IA&AS professionals are now in elevated positions at BU such as Program Director in Information Services & Technology, Director of Finance, Assistant Director of Information Security, and Associate Comptroller.

To apply for current employment opportunities in IA&AS, please visit Human Resources Career Opportunities.

Open Positions within IA&AS: