Contact Risk Management

BU Central Campus T Stop

The Office of Risk Management

881 Commonwealth Ave Suite #423

Boston, MA 02215

For rapid response, please email the mailbox for all inquiries relating to:

  • General inquiry
  • Claims or incident report
  • Certificates of Insurance requests (including Student Film)
  • Professional Credentialing & claims verifications – students and faculty

Risk Management Team

Jim Donohue

Areas of assistance:

  • Office of Risk Management oversight & management
  • International travel risk management
  • Non Property claims management
  • Construction risk management and insurance
  • Contract reviews / insurance requirements
  • Co-chair of Student Health Insurance Plan committee
  • Committee representation
  • Waivers of Liability
Kate Gomes
Assistant Director

Areas of interest:

  • Insurance portfolio administration
  • Property risk management & mitigation support
  • Property claims management
  • Protection of Minors – Third Party Program management
  • Committee representation
  • Waivers of Liability
Jim Cahill
Risk Management Specialist II

Areas of interest:

  • Certificates of insurance
  • Student film insurance
  • Professional credentialing & claims verifications – students and faculty
  • Accident/Injury claims intake & status requests
  • Alert Driving program management
  • Vendor invoicing