Project Request

Do you think you have a project for CIDA?

If so, we are happy to help. Please reach out to Jessica Fernandes (Continuous Improvement) or Meghan Chiasson (Data Analytics) depending on your needs for a quick 15-minute meeting.

What can I expect?

Our initial conversation is to get a better understanding of your needs, timeline, and expectations for project completion. We bucket our projects into three categories:

  1. Ad Hoc: these projects take less than two months to complete and include efficiencies, automation, reports, and small dashboards.
  2. Major Projects: these projects will take 3+ months to complete and involve more stakeholders and robust data analysis.
  3. Programs: these are multi-layered projects on a singular topic and have a year+ or ongoing status.

From there it will be assigned to one of our team members to execute and a kick-off meeting may be scheduled depending on your type of project. We will keep you updated as we make progress on your project and when your project is completed and has your stamp of approval, we will send a quick survey to get feedback on how we did and what we can do to improve.