Travel Services



The mission of Travel Services  is to deliver superior customer service to the Boston University community, to provide timely and accurate reimbursement processing, and to ensure compliance with Boston University policies and IRS and sponsor regulations.

University Travel

Travel on University business and for research, education and public service activities is a valuable and necessary activity for many of the University’s faculty, staff, and students as well as for official business visitors.  Expenses incurred for business travel and other business expenses are reimbursable when properly documented, approved, and in compliance with University policy and IRS and sponsor regulations.

Travelers should feel secure and comfortable when traveling and should neither gain nor lose personal funds as a result of business travel on the University’s behalf.  Only reasonable, necessary, and appropriate travel and business expenses will be funded by the University; expenses of a personal nature are unallowable and are the employee’s obligation.

Faculty and staff travelling and/or making arrangements for the travel of others should be aware of available University resources for ensuring the safety and protection of all travelers, and follow all related requirements as detailed in this document and in the related policies section.

All faculty and staff are required to use the University Travel Card when using University funds to make travel arrangements and when incurring travel and business related expenses during a trip.

In the conduct of University business, faculty and staff should maintain the highest ethical standards and should keep in mind their responsibilities as responsible stewards of University funds.