The departments within the Office of the Controller have their own websites, each packed with useful resources and contact information.

In an effort to serve you better, all general inquiries for Financial Affairs and Controller Departments should be submitted through our Customer Service Portal. If you would prefer to connect by phone, please call 617-353-2290 during normal business hours (Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm).

Cashier Services

Cashier Services is responsible for accepting and depositing all non-student check, cash and credit card payments made to the University.

Collection Department

The Collection Department is responsible for all Boston University-related receivables, including student loans and accounts.

General Accounting and Financial Reporting

General Accounting and Financial Reporting keeps a check on BU’s financial health. Its experts are responsible for the integrity of the University’s accounting records and policies.

Miscellaneous Receivables

Miscellaneous Receivables can assist Boston University departments in processing invoices for sales and services rendered by University departments to external entities.


Payroll’s experts can help BU employees with questions about their checks, from direct deposits to understanding healthcare and tax deductions. Payroll also provides payroll advice for schools and departments.

Research Financial Operations

The Office of Research Financial Operations (RFO) is responsible for timely and accurate sponsored research billing, collection of accounts receivables, processing of payments received for sponsored research and miscellaneous receivables, indirect cost rate calculation and negotiations with the federal government as well as the management of moveable capital equipment.  The departments within the Office of Research Financial Operations are Cash Management, Facilities Cost Analysis, Miscellaneous Receivables and Property Management.

Student Accounting Services

Student Accounting Services administers the payment of tuition fees, medical insurance, and sports passes.

Student Loan Accounting

The Student Loan Accounting works on behalf of alums who are repaying Perkins, HPSL/LDS, and BU institutional student loans.

Strategic Financial Initiatives

Office of Strategic Financial Initiative’s primary focus is financial modeling related to the University’s federal fringe rates and facilities and administration (F&A) rates.