Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Group is integral to IA&AS’s ability to provide our BU community valuable insight on risks. The team provides the following services:

 Data Analytics Audit Support


Audit Support:

As IA&AS has expanded its performance of horizontal audits (link there), data has become a key component in the scoping of those audits. With the use of data analysis and dashboards, our audits assess a larger population and identify trends and potential issues across BU more efficiently and effectively than traditional sample-based audit methods.


 Data Analytics Continuous Auditing


Continuous Auditing:

Data Analysis is the driver behind the IA&AS Continuous Auditing Program. Continuous audits are designed to automate the identification of risks like data entry errors, non-compliance with policies and/or regulations, and circumvention of established controls.



 Data Analytics Continuous Monitoring


Continuous Monitoring:

The difference between Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Auditing is who performs the follow up and review of the analysis performed. The Data
Analytics team works with members of the BU community who would like to
incorporate continuous monitoring into their processes to create valuable
analysis and reports.