Boston University regularly sponsors voluntary travel, recreational, cultural, or educational activities for members of the University community and the public. To ensure that participants are fully aware of the risks associated with the activity, while also limiting the University’s liability, participants may need to sign the release and/or waiver agreements.

Completed waivers should be retained by the sponsoring department in compliance with the University’s records retention schedule.

When are waivers required?


  •  When minors are involved (signed by the Legal Guardian)
  •  High risk and/or unusual activities that could cause serious injury or death
  •  Use of hazardous materials or safety equipment
  • Studying or voluntary travel abroad

Strongly Recommended

  •  Events with overnight stays
  •  Out of town trips
  •  Third parties, including non-BU students, using BU facilities

May be Appropriate

  •  Short distance travel (2+ hours)
  •  Recreational activities

Not Required

  •  Activities with little risk
  •  Activities that are required for course curriculum/credit

Waivers of Liability