Student Films

Risk management can assist Boston University students shooting a film as part of required coursework for the Department of Film & Television with the following:

You (the student receiving course-credit) must schedule a meeting with Risk Management ( at least 5 business days prior to the commencement of shooting. The meeting will review the following:

  • Letter from professor, on Department of Film & Television letterhead, confirming:
    • Name of film
    • Name of academic course for which the film shoot is required
  • Copy of the script*
  • Dates of film shoot
  • List of Special Scenes or explicitly state “no special scenes”


*be prepared to discuss any “special scenes” or scenes with physical action.


Equipment Rentals


Boston University provides insurance for film equipment rentals and no extra change. This insurance carries a $750 deductible to be borne by the student. Please provide the following:

  • Evidence of Director’s name on rental agreement
  • Dates of rental period
  • Itemized list of equipment and replacement values (by piece, as well as in total)
  • Explanation of how the equipment will be stored and safeguarded during the rental period

Turn-around for the insurance certificates is 5 business days. Please plan accordingly.




Outside Location Film Shoots

Risk management can provide evidence of liability coverage if required by an outside location in order for you to shoot your film at that location. Please provide the following:

  • Letter from a representative of the outside location that includes:
    • Location address
    • Dates of film shoot
    • Name and email of contact at the film location
    • Name of entity and address to be listed on the certificate
    • Required limits of insurance

Turn-around for the insurance certificates is 5 business days. Please plan accordingly.



Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

The use of SAG actors in any film requires that Boston University Risk Management verify that Workers Compensation benefits will extend to any SAG actor that is injured in the course of filming. Please provide the following:

  • SAG form
  • Names and SAG ID numbers of SAG actors that will be included in filming


Workers’ Compensation coverage provides coverage for medical expenses and any lost wages for SAG members injured in the course of a Boston University student film. Any workers’ compensation claim could result in a payment made from University funds since Boston University is self-insured. Be cautious on the set and alert Risk Management immediately should any workers’ compensation claim possibly arise.




Special Scenes

Special scenes present unique hazards. Please be prepared to discuss scenes with any of the following:

  • Minors (under 18) see Safety – Protecting Minors
  • Airports, aircraft
  • Animals, livestock
  • Automobiles
  • Beaches, water, watercraft
  • Choreographed fights/stunts
  • Fire, open flames, pyrotechnics
  • Simulated weapons, firearms
  • International shoots
  • Railroad exposures
  • Rooftops, fire escapes, balconies, bridges, other high altitudes
  • Set constructions, platforms, special rigging
  • Alcohol, smoking, substances or special effects makeup