Looking to experience more with your degree by adding a track in the study of music? Let us tell you more.

Boston University School of Music offers two minors for interested undergraduate students at Boston University, including Music and Music Performance. Find details about the programs and declaring your minor below.

Minor in Music Performance

This minor will provide Boston University undergraduates with high-level training in instrumental or vocal performance. Concentrated individual study will be required, in addition to multiple semesters of ensemble participation and required coursework in music theory and music history. This minor is intended for student musicians with previously substantive music experiences—those who wish to expand upon established musical skills. It is not a viable option for those students wishing to experience an introduction to music study.

Minor in Music

Intra University Transfer

Students who desire study in the visual arts beyond what is offered through the minor may be able to apply for an Intra University Transfer (IUT) to major in the BA in Art or a BFA in Art Education, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, or Sculpture. Pursuing an IUT later than the fall of Sophomore year may lengthen a student’s course of study. Students considering this should consult with Visual Arts Academic Advising on their plan.

CFA Intra University Transfer