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Boston University’s theatre arts programs offer a unique opportunity for an artist who is interested in pursuing the study of multiple disciplines within the theatre. Instead of taking a prescribed sequence of courses, theatre arts majors embark on rigorous exploration of acting, directing, dramaturgy, playwriting, and design and production.

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#20 best colleges for performing arts in America (2022 niche rankings)

#35 best drama & theatre arts schools (2022 college factual)

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Before officially declaring a BFA major, each first year student entering the School of Theatre is admitted into the First Year Core experience. Students can choose between the BFA Performance Core or the BFA Design & Production Core.

As a BFA theatre arts student, you’ll construct a sequence of experiential and academic coursework that satisfies your individual interests and passions, under the guidance of committed faculty mentors. You’ll learn how to authentically collaborate with others, and how to identify compelling social issues. The theatre arts course of study includes an internship, study abroad, and the development of a senior thesis. The thesis focuses on a single discipline allowing for deep practical exploration within that discipline.

Upon completion of this program, graduates possess the ability to express themselves effectively and with generosity, whether the task at hand is artistic or administrative, and to contribute significantly to the professional theatre. The nurturing of each student’s original voice is vital, not only to the creation of new work for the theatre but to the shaping of communities at home and internationally.

“I found a lot of things about myself and about myself as an artist.”

CFA alum Ken Yotsukura (CFA’22) looks back at how BU’s theatre arts performance program allowed him to discover things about himself that he never thought, like pursuing his own photography business. He credits his education in acting and movement to his success as a photographer in effectively directing his clients during a photoshoot.

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What drew Lana Sage to BU’s Theatre Arts program?

During her first year at BU, completing the first-year performance core classes, Sage (CFA’24) referred to herself as an acting major, but she was torn choosing between BU’s acting program and the theatre arts program. Decisions aren’t easy, especially when both options have excellent learning outcomes. But after speaking with faculty, Lana knew she was meant to pursue a theatre arts degree (Tharts for short).

“Tharts allows for those times where my art wants to do something other than acting but also allows me to act whenever I need to. This major affords me the time and energy to pursue all the opportunities that the SOT offers as well as pursue my own ideas to my heart’s content. I will follow the Acting and Directing tracks with a minor in Social and Racial Justice and will more than likely include playwriting and dramaturgy and writing in general to that list because why not?”

Lana dives more into her thought process in her blog “Decisions Are Hard,” published in Broadway World.

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