Boston University has 17 schools and colleges, and the Faculty of Computing
& Data Sciences. Their abbreviations are listed here alphabetically by discipline.


Full Name

CAS College of Arts & Sciences (includes Graduate School of Arts & Sciences [GRS]*)
Pardee Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies
Questrom Questrom School of Business
COM College of Communication
SDM Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
ENG College of Engineering
CFA College of Fine Arts
CGS College of General Studies
Sargent Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
SHA School of Hospitality Administration
LAW School of Law
CAMED Aram V. Chobanian & Edward Avedisian School of Medicine**
MET Metropolitan College
SPH School of Public Health
SSW School of Social Work
STH School of Theology
Wheelock Wheelock College of Education & Human Development
Total number of Boston University schools and colleges*
* The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) are counted as one college, with one dean and shared faculty. The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies (Pardee) is counted as a separate school with its own dean and independent faculty. The Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS) and the Arvind & Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Honors College (Kilachand) are not counted in the total of 17 schools and colleges, as they do not have deans. Kilachand also shares faculty with other schools.

** “MED” and “BUSM” are no longer approved acronyms (“MED” may be used for course and building codes). The initialism “CAMED” may ONLY be used in URLs, email addresses, and social media handles, where character-count limits restrict use of approved abbreviations. “(CAMED’XX)” may be used to denote school and graduation year for students and alumni. Other approved abbreviations for the Aram V. Chobanian & Edward Avedisian School of Medicine:

Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
Chobanian & Avedisian School
Chobanian & Avedisian SOM